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Paying More Tax Today May Be Your Best AMT Strategy

During your year-end tax planning, you might find that you’re going to be stuck paying the alternative minimum Source
Posted On 21 Nov 2016

7 Smart Ways to Lower Your Taxable Income

Reducing your taxable income is one of the most effective ways to lower your taxes with some moves doing double duty as both deductions themselves and as a means to slide under income thresholds at which other taxes would kick in While it s late in the year now there s still time...
Posted On 21 Nov 2016

Smart Year-End Tax Moves to Limit Your 2016 Tax Bill

This is the time of year when many of us take stock of our lives and it s not a bad idea to apply that same introspection to your investment portfolio The stock market has been surprisingly resilient but that doesn t mean everything in your portfolio escaped unscathed Some last...
Posted On 14 Nov 2016

6 Ways President Donald Trump May Affect Your Wallet

Donald Trump’s surprising Election Day victory already may be impacting your money. Just look to the stock market. But the election of Trump as the 45 th president of the United States could have long-term personal finance implications as well, as the...
Posted On 14 Nov 2016

5 Tax Tasks to Complete by the End of This Year

Around the holidays you often see articles about things you absolutely must do now before the year Source
Posted On 14 Nov 2016

What to Know About Tax Breaks for Disabled Individuals

It can feel overwhelming to provide the care and services a disabled family member Source
Posted On 24 Oct 2016

Improving Real Returns: Deep Dive Tax Planning

In this world of low bond yields and crazy valuations in stocks, trying to show your value in the world of investments is tough. To create loyal clients, advisers must step up their offering with comprehensive planning based on client goals. One component that typically provides...
Posted On 30 Sep 2016

7 Ways to Tell If That IRS Tax Collections Call Is Fake

A new IRS program set to take effect next spring may make it harder to tell which of those dubious phone calls many people get about outstanding tax bills are actually fake. The agency announced this week that it’s hired four private debt-collection firms to search America’s...
Posted On 30 Sep 2016

Help Clients Take Advantage Of New IRS Rollover Rules

Here’s something you don’t hear too often: Thank you, IRS. Yes, thanks to the IRS, advisers can immediately help clients avoid harsh penalties and taxes on late 60-day rollovers from company plans and IRAs. But beware: There are some rollover mistakes that still cannot be fixed....
Posted On 26 Sep 2016