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Do I Qualify for the American Opportunity Tax Credit?

Countless Americans struggle each year to keep up with the costs of putting a student through college According to the College Board tuition and fees for the 2016 2017 school year averaged 33 480 at private colleges 9 650 at public in state colleges and 24 930 at public out of Source
Posted On 17 Feb 2017

TripAdvisor Takes an Earnings Hit As It Invests in Its Future

The online travel industry has boomed in recent years and TripAdvisor NASDAQ TRIP has sought to claim its share of the growing pie However the company has had to evolve from its traditional reliance on travel related reviews to add in the services that customers want access to Source
Posted On 17 Feb 2017

Does Warren Buffett Still Matter to Value Investors?

1 00 What Is Warren Buffett s Current Holdings 5 05 Should You Be Buying What Warren Buffett Buys 9 40 Tracey s Top Three Picks Investing Ideas 13 00 Episode Summary Welcome to Episode 30 of the Value Investor Podcast As the editor of Source
Posted On 17 Feb 2017

Best Low-P/E Stocks to Buy in February

It may be an imperfect measure of a stock s value but the price to earnings ratio or P E remains a useful tool for investors The current or trailing P E is calculated by dividing the current stock price by the combined EPS of the last four quarterly periods while the forward P E Source
Posted On 17 Feb 2017

NVIDIA Corporations Staggering Growth in 4 Charts

NVIDIA NASDAQ NVDA the leader in the graphics processing industry has been growing like gangbusters Its performance over the last several years has been nothing short of stunning and investors will rightly want to know if this growth can continue Below we look at several Source
Posted On 17 Feb 2017

Can Snap, Inc. Expand Beyond Its Core Millennial Demographic?

Snap s NYSE SNAP popular Snapchat service is all the rage with young social media users particularly teens While that fact is often framed as a threat to larger social networks like Facebook NASDAQ FB it s arguably a bigger risk to Snap given the lofty expectations that Source
Posted On 17 Feb 2017

Why Fords Europe Sales Jumped in January

Ford Motor Company NYSE F said that its sales in Europe rose 11 in January on strong demand for commercial vehicles and SUVs including the recently revamped compact Kuga The key numbers Ford gains in the U K Italy and France Ford sold about 107 700 vehicles in the Source
Posted On 15 Feb 2017

Is There a Silver Lining for Fitbit Inc?

In this segment from Market Foolery 160 Chris Hill is joined by Taylor Muckerman and Jason Moser as they consider the dimming future of Fitbit NYSE FIT While the market has punished the stock for a recent downward revision to its sales forecast that does not mean Source
Posted On 15 Feb 2017

3 Stocks You Don’t Have to Babysit

Actively managing a portfolio of stocks can be tiring especially if you own too many volatile ones that need constant attention But owning a low cost index fund can be dull the dividend yields can be unimpressive and you never know exactly what you own For investors who want to Source
Posted On 15 Feb 2017

Spirit Airlines Stock Soared 45% in 2016, but Its Still Cheap

After several years of big share price gains following its 2011 IPO budget airline Spirit Airlines NASDAQ SAVE has taken investors on a roller coaster ride since the beginning of 2015 Indeed Spirit Airlines stock lost nearly half of its value in 2015 However it bounced back Source
Posted On 14 Feb 2017