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Signs Youre Going to Retire Broke

A job loss, financial emergency, divorce or death of a spouse can derail plans to save for retirement. Whatever the reason, and whatever your retirement age, it’s important to get back on track, particularly if you long for early retirement. Don’t be one of the 40 percent of...
Posted On 10 Sep 2017

12 Strategies to Generate Income in Retirement

When it comes to saving for retirement maybe you ve done everything right You started early maxed out your 401 k plan invested in a diversified portfolio and avoided costly mistakes such as cashing out your retirement plan Fantastic But now comes the hard part making sure you don...
Posted On 06 Sep 2017

Plan Retirement as Thoroughly as Your Vacation

After working hard all of our lives the goal for most of us is to have the freedom to go explore and complete the bucket list that we have always dreamed of The problem is most people plan their vacations better than they plan their retirements After working hard all of our lives...
Posted On 06 Sep 2017

Stop Pushing My Buttons! Family Tensions Can Prevent Forward Planning

Oftentimes it seems family members can push our buttons in ways that no one else can The fact that we are generally more emotionally reactive to our families than anyone else makes it challenging to function well within our families The emotion inherent within family...
Posted On 05 Sep 2017

What to Do After Inheriting an IRA

ANSWER Because you and your sister are non spouse beneficiaries the bank will open inherited IRAs for each of you and transfer the money directly into the two accounts the options are different for spouses who are beneficiaries and can roll the money into their own IRAs You can...
Posted On 05 Sep 2017

9 Signs Youre Saving Right For Retirement

By  Jennifer E. Myers, CFP® Just about everyone thinks about retiring, from what we’ll spend our time doing, to where we’ll live, and more. However, only some of us adequately prepare and save for retirement. Saving for retirement doesn’t happen overnight, and it can’t be...
Posted On 05 Sep 2017

30 Things You Need to Do Before You Retire

Just because you think you’re ready to retire doesn’t mean your bank account agrees. In fact, a recent GOBankingRates study shows that more than 50 percent of Americans will  retire with less than $10,000 in savings . If your current financial situation leaves...
Posted On 05 Sep 2017

Does Life Insurance Deserve a Place in Your Retirement Portfolio?

Most people don t like to talk about life insurance Most people don t like to talk about life insurance SEE ALSO Philip Seymour Hoffman s 12 160 Million Estate Planning Mistake SEE ALSO Philip Seymour Hoffman s 12 Million Estate Planning Mistake They might acknowledge that it s a...
Posted On 05 Sep 2017

Its Time to Flip Your Financial Focus

It s time for people who pay for financial advice to raise their expectations It s time for people who pay for financial advice to raise their expectations I have little doubt that at least starting out most investors appreciate putting a priority on growth Everybody wants to...
Posted On 31 Aug 2017

The One Social Security Mistake You Can Easily Avoid

Social Security (Shutterstock photo) Checking your  Social Security  statement each year is crucial to catching both criminal activity and innocent errors that can undermine your retirement. But to scan your record, you might have to do a little more work than in the past. To...
Posted On 30 Aug 2017