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The Most Underrated Factor in Retirement Income Sustainability

By  J.R. Robinson Learn more about John on NerdWallet’s  Ask an Advisor As a practical matter, the factors that determine how long our savings will last  after we retire fall into two categories: those we can control and those we cannot. Major factors that are largely beyond our...
Posted On 19 Aug 2015

Heres What Social Security Will Look Like by the Time Millennials Retire

By Ashley Redmond for Millennials — people born between 1981 and 1997 — face unique concerns when it comes to saving for retirement. Previous generations could rely on company pension plans, which are declining in number, and Social Security, which is...
Posted On 16 Aug 2015

Social Security After Divorce

If you plan to retire soon and you’re divorced, you may be entitled to additional Social Security retirement benefits based on your ex spouse’s work and earnings record. Here’s how to get what you might well be entitled to. Source
Posted On 13 Aug 2015

The Best Question Investors Never Ask

By  Kent Grealish Learn more about Kent on NerdWallet’s  Ask an Advisor There is one question every investor should ask when faced with any financial decision: What will this cost me — all expenses considered? Yet I can’t remember ever being asked that question in 40 years in the...
Posted On 13 Aug 2015

2 Jobs, 2 Retirement Plans?

Perhaps you make a nice salary at a day job and also run a small side business that’s taking off. Can you contribute to two retirement plans if you work two jobs? Good question (not to mention common), and Source
Posted On 13 Aug 2015

No Moral High Ground in Financial Planning Fee Debate

By  J.R. Robinson Learn more about J.R. on NerdWallet’s  Ask an Advisor A frequent refrain in the media, and in the financial planning community at large, is that individual investors should seek professional investment guidance exclusively from “fee-only” planners. On the...
Posted On 11 Aug 2015

How to Retire Early, Pt. 2

In part one of “How to Retire Early,” we focused on the need to reduce expenses and control debt.  Doing so can create the foundation for a retirement plan by making money available for investment. Now let’s turn to Source
Posted On 11 Aug 2015

Surprising Reasons You Might Want to Give Up a Multi-Million-Dollar Inheritance

Turn down an inherited IRA? That may seem implausible, but for some financially sound heirs, “disclaiming” their right to an inherited IRA could be a smart strategy for their families. By disclaiming, an heir waives the right to assets Source
Posted On 11 Aug 2015

10 Ways to Go From Millennial to Millionaire

By Stefanie O’Connell for With record student loan balances and rampant underemployment, millennials have largely become known as the recession generation. Despite low levels of income and a median net worth below that of their predecessors, a 2014 report...
Posted On 10 Aug 2015