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Jean Chatzky: How To Save More

By Jean Chatzky for Today, let’s talk about the 1 percent. Not that 1 percent, but the difference that saving an extra 1 percent — starting today, wherever you are, and continuing for the rest of your working life — could have on your retirement. A recent...
Posted On 27 Mar 2015

Roll Over a Lump-Sum Pension Payout Into an IRA

I’m looking into options for rolling over a pension payout. Can I roll it over to a Roth IRA? T.L., El Paso, Texas You generally can roll a pension lump sum into a Roth IRA, but that may not Source
Posted On 27 Mar 2015

How to Stretch Your Retirement Savings

When retirement starts to come into view and the number of years to build your nest egg is dwindling, you need new strategies to supercharge your savings. We’ve got some levers you can pull to boost the chances that Source
Posted On 27 Mar 2015

How Much to Invest in an Immediate Annuity

I’m 72 and I have a very small pension. I’d like to buy an immediate annuity to supplement my income. How do I figure out how much I should invest in the annuity? A good way to calculate how Source
Posted On 27 Mar 2015

Tax Breaks Overlooked by New Retirees

So you’ve put enough aside to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Good for you But you’re not off the hook just yet, at least not if you want to make sure you don’t pay more taxes than you need to. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Are You Saving Enough?

By Judy Martel for Tantalizing dreams of winning lottery tickets and unexpected inheritances from distant, rich relatives aside, for most of us, wealth doesn’t come all at once. Rather, it steadily dribbles in as the result of years of dedicated saving,...
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Spending in Retirement: From Nest Egg to Income

Consider the following two options 1) You are 55 years old and have $800,000 today to cover your retirement spending, starting at 65. 2) You are offered $4,000 in monthly income, starting on your Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Face New Financial Test

Homeowners applying for a reverse mortgage will soon have to clear a new hurdle. In the spring, all borrowers will have to prove that they can handle the ongoing costs of the loan. Homeowners who don’t pass the financial Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

5 Worst Money Blunders Made By Millennials

By Crissinda Ponder for You’ve happy-danced your way out of the dorms and walked across the stage at graduation, but that doesn’t mean class isn’t in session anymore. It’s time for Money Management 101. Unless you want your 20-something years...
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

7 Things You Must Know About Funding IRAs

1. Take it to the limit. Workers younger than age 50 may save up to $5,500 in a traditional IRA, a Roth or a combination of the two. If you were 50 or older at the end of last Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015