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The Hidden Costs of Variable Annuities and How to Avoid Them

Annuity sales are escalating with people looking to roll over retirement savings accounts or other assets into an ongoing income stream Variable annuities appeal to people because they offer mutual fund investment choices locked in gains or protection from bad market years and Source
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

How to Use Financial Rules of Thumb

By  Scott Snider, CPF®, CRPC® Do you find it difficult to sort through all the “expert opinions” and confidently know how much to save for retirement, how much debt is appropriate or how much to set aside in savings for emergencies? You are not alone. To make life...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

Retirement Income Strategies for the 1%

While the 1 is a loosely defined income determined social class we often assume that its members have so much money that they don t need to plan for retirement This is typically not the case For those with roughly 2 160 million careful planning is still necessary whether it be...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

4 Ways RMDs Are Different for 401(k)s and for IRAs

ANSWER The basic rules are similar You generally must take required minimum distributions from traditional IRAs and 401 k s every year after you turn age 70 and you use the same IRS life expectancy tables to calculate the amount see our RMD calculator But there are differences in...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

A Healthy Way to Increase Your Retirement Savings: HSAs

Opening a health savings account HSA offers a triple tax advantage The catch is they are not available to everyone To qualify you must be in a high deductible health insurance plan HDHP you can t be enrolled in Medicare and you can t be participating in another health insurance...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

3 Tips for Managing the Retirement Planning Maze

By Timothy Clifford, CFP® Retiring successfully can feel more like a maze than a road because it is a maze. The retirement maze is a combination of investing, saving, contributions to retirement plans, career, company benefits, maybe a part-time job in retirement, managing...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

Negotiating Tips and Tactics for a Better Salary

Whether you’re applying for a new position or trying to score a raise at your current job, knowing how to negotiate your salary is a crucial part of being in the workforce. Unfortunately, many employees make the mistake of accepting a wage that’s lower than they...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

Saving for Retirement—How’s That Working Out for You?

For some the answer is very well thank you For others there may be plenty of room for improvement There is no better time than National Save for Retirement Week October 16 21 to start saving in earnest to keep on growing your nest egg 160 or to make some positive adjustments Source
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

You Cant Hit Retirement Goals If You Dont Know What They Are

Financial advisers spend a lot of time talking about the importance of building a retirement plan Still every day I meet people who have no idea what they want to do what they have and what they ll need to truly enjoy this time in their lives Financial advisers spend a lot of...
Posted On 20 Oct 2017

Why Retirement Planning Is About More Than Money

By Eric C. Jansen, ChFC® In my nearly 30 years helping people with their retirement planning I haven’t met many, maybe none at all actually, that don’t know how important it is to plan ahead and save all they can for their future retirement years. Most also have a good...
Posted On 18 Oct 2017