• GOOG836.82-0.35 -0.04%
  • EGFDF+0.000 +0.000%
  • AAPL141.20-0.63 -0.44%
  • WFC52.45-0.27 -0.51%
  • IBM170.05-1.05 -0.61%
  • MCD132.30+0.95 +0.72%
  • X28.73-0.15 -0.52%
  • AA31.76+0.45 +1.44%
  • DXJ48.05-0.39 -0.81%
  • FXI37.80-0.66 -1.72%
  • FCX12.47-0.28 -2.20%
  • MON115.94-0.25 -0.22%
  • DE108.47-0.33 -0.30%
  • KO43.48+0.41 +0.95%
  • JNJ121.82-3.90 -3.10%
  • NVS72.93-0.40 -0.55%
  • HAL48.53-0.31 -0.63%
  • SLB77.93-0.31 -0.40%
  • GE29.84+0.20 +0.67%
  • MRK62.27-0.53 -0.84%
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The Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund Can Take the Guesswork out of Bond Investments

Image source Getty Images. The Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund (NASDAQMUTFUND VBMFX) is designed to give investors broad, diverse exposure to U.S. investment grade bonds, both government and corporate, of varying Source
Posted On 12 Jul 2016

Financial Sector Update for 07/12/2016: SNV,STI,FXCM

Top Financial Stocks JPM +1.31% BAC +2.65% WFC +0.51% C +2.51% USB +1.00% Financial stocks were mostly higher, with the NYSE Financial Sector Index jumping 1.6% while financial companies in the S&P 500 Index posting a 1.3% advance. In Source
Posted On 12 Jul 2016

Oil ETFs Surge, But How Long Will Good Times Last?

Crude oil prices and commodity related exchange traded funds advanced the most in two months on a strengthening global outlook and weakening U.S. dollar. However, the widening contango in oil futures points to risks in lingering surplus. Source
Posted On 12 Jul 2016

2 Stocks I Never Plan to Buy

During a market sell off, investors should always look for buying opportunities in solid companies. However, investors shouldn’t confuse broken stocks, which are sold off in market panics with little regard to their underlying businesses, with broken Source
Posted On 12 Jul 2016

Economic data due from Asia today

New Zealand will kick off the trickle of data today2245GMT Card spending for june retail Expected +0.5% m m, prior 0.3%total, prior 0.6%2350GMT Japan May Machine orders for the Source
Posted On 11 Jul 2016

Brexit – Merkel: In my view, the decision has been taken … next step … Article 50

German Chancellor Angela Merkel weekend comments, in an interview with Germany’s ZDF television”‘In my view, the decision has been taken. The next step, in all probability, is that Britain will make an application under Article 50 of the Source
Posted On 11 Jul 2016

Trade ideas thread – Monday 11 July 2016

All right, lets get this show on the road There’s a new FX week just cranking up.Any charts, technical analysis, trade ideas, thoughts, views, you’d like to share and discuss please do so          Source
Posted On 11 Jul 2016

Why Shares of Box Inc. Dropped 17.7% in June

Box CEO Aaron Levie. Image source Box. What Shares of enterprise cloud storage provider Box (NYSE BOX) dropped 17.7% in June, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence . Source
Posted On 11 Jul 2016

Brexit fallout – BoE MPC this week (Carney the Cutter), also Eddie the Eagle for Labour

No surprise that the big focus this week will be Brexit fallout again centring on the BoE meeting (14 July, 1100GMT)Though politics will be central too, especially now Eddie the Eagle is trying for leaderhip Source
Posted On 11 Jul 2016

Japan weekend 1/2 upper house election – win for Abe

There was a half upper house election in Japan over the weekend. Abe and his coalition partners have won.And it looks like the winning team might have scored big enough to have a 2 3 ‘super majority’ Source
Posted On 11 Jul 2016