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  • X28.73-0.15 -0.52%
  • AA31.76+0.45 +1.44%
  • DXJ48.05-0.39 -0.81%
  • FXI37.80-0.66 -1.72%
  • FCX12.47-0.28 -2.20%
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  • DE108.47-0.33 -0.30%
  • KO43.48+0.41 +0.95%
  • JNJ121.82-3.90 -3.10%
  • NVS72.93-0.40 -0.55%
  • HAL48.53-0.31 -0.63%
  • SLB77.93-0.31 -0.40%
  • GE29.84+0.20 +0.67%
  • MRK62.27-0.53 -0.84%
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The Latest Social Security Changes: What You Need to Know

Millions of older Americans rely on Social Security as a major source of income in retirement, which is why the decision as to when to start collecting benefits shouldn’t be taken lightly. But unfortunately for many seniors, Source
Posted On 22 May 2016

Bruce Berkowitz Comments on AIG

Bruce Berkowitz ( Trades , Portfolio ) As we have written in all of our letters, we bought AIG at substantial discount to tangible book value (“TBV”). We had a simple thesis that AIG still had a franchise value, Source
Posted On 22 May 2016

Bruce Berkowitz Comments on Leucadia

Daniel Schmerin Let’s turn to Leucadia ( LUK ). You’ve owned it for a long time. What are your thoughts?Bruce Berkowitz ( Trades , Portfolio ) I have tremendous respect for Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Cumming, who created the Source
Posted On 22 May 2016

Bruce Berkowitz Comments on Sears

Daniel Schmerin Let’s move on, we received the most questions about Sears ( SHLD ). How do you evaluate your investment in Sears today? Bruce Berkowitz ( Trades , Portfolio ) Our thesis on Sears cannot be disproven Sears Source
Posted On 22 May 2016

Surprise! These 3 Insurers Plan to Expand Their Obamacare Coverage in 2017

To say that the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” is facing an uncertain future might be putting it mildly. On one hand, the health law has revolutionized how consumers shop for and purchase health Source
Posted On 22 May 2016

NYMEX crude gains in Asia as API data shows solid product declines Crude oil prices edged higher in Asia on Wednesday after U.S. industry estimates on stocks showed solid draws in refined products. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, WTI crude for June delivery rose 0.46% to $48.53 a Source
Posted On 18 May 2016

Is Cisco Systems Dividend Sustainable?

Image source Cisco Systems. Networking giant Cisco Systems (NASDAQ CSCO) has been a bit of an underperformer over the past year. The stock has fallen about 9% compared with the S&P 500, which has Source
Posted On 18 May 2016

IBMs Watson Enrolls In Cybersecurity School

IBM (NYSE IBM) recently announced that Watson, its cognitive computing system, will undergo cybersecurity training at eight universities during a year long research project starting this fall. IBM states that students and faculty will participate in research to train Source
Posted On 18 May 2016

Japan Q1 GDP suprises on upside, outlook remains sluggish Japan’s economy expanded a surprising 0.4% on quarter, or an annualized 1.7%, in the first quarter as a rebound in consumption and exports offset a drop in business investment. The rise in the first quarter GDP was Source
Posted On 18 May 2016

Japan – comments from Hamada and Yamamoto

A joint press briefing from Koichi Hamada (adviser to PM Abe)  and Kozo Yamamoto is a Japanese Liberal Democratic Party politician.Hamada brought the smoke machine. Yamamoto brought the mirrors. Hamada Japan’s economic fundamentals are Source
Posted On 18 May 2016