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Why Im Buying These Hated Stocks

Panic can lead humans to make very poor decisions. In the heat of the moment, we tend to revert to our most basic fight or flight instincts. For instance, in a market sell off, when stocks Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

Internet of Things in 2016: 6 Stats Everyone Should Know

The Internet of Things, which connects cars, homes, wearables, and everyday objects to the cloud, is a hot tech topic these days. Chipmakers such as Qualcomm and Intel are expanding into the space to diversify Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

6 Drug Stocks That Look to Beat the Market in 2016

The start to 2016 has been extremely turbulent with the global economy reeling under the pressure of a slowdown in China. Collapsing oil prices and plunging financial markets have left investors worried. However, it doesn’t help to be distraught Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

Flowserve Wins Preferred Supplier Agreement from Veolia

Premium provider of fluid motion & control products and services, Flowserve Corp.FLS recently inked a global preferred supplier agreement with environmental management services provider, Veolia Group. Flowserve believes this agreement will bolster its competitive position in...
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

GE Healthcares Omnyx to Offer Digitalized Cancer Diagnosis

Omnyx LLC , a joint venture between General Electric Healthcare GE and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (“UPMC”), announced that it will introduce the use of modern digital technology in cancer diagnosis. Being less time consuming and more Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

Will Hyatt Stock Continue to Drop After Credit Card Hack?

After a cyber on its computer system that has caused its stock to plumment, Hyatt Hotels Corp. ( H ) should be thankful that the markets are closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The hotel company could really Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

If the Oil Crash Continues, Buy These 5 ETFs to Outperform

One of the major stories of 2015 was the crash in oil prices . But this trend has largely continued to begin 2016 as well, with crude hovering near the $30 bbl. level at time of writing. This plunge Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

Whats the Name of Intels Third 10-Nanometer Chip?

In mid 2015, website leaked to the world that Intel ‘s 2016 processor family would be a series of chips based on the company’s Kaby Lake architecture. Prior to that leak, the technology and Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

What Is Restricted Cash on Financial Statements?

In accounting, “cash” refers to the money held by a company in liquid form that can be spent or invested. Restricted cash is money that is reserved for a specific purpose and therefore not available Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

3 Reasons Charter Communications Stock Could Fall

Charter Communications will at some point in the coming year likely go from being just another minor cable and Internet company to becoming the clear No. 2 player in the space. The company Source
Posted On 19 Jan 2016