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Grow Your Business Daily Using These 9 Methods

Have you recently started a new business? If so, you have probably already heard or read about the discouraging statistics on how many new businesses close their doors every day. According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , about 50% of new businesses fail...
Posted On 17 Mar 2017

3 Truths About Women In Startups And Small Business

As a female founder of a finance focused startup , I spend a lot of time talking to women about money and business. It’s a completely different experience to work in the startup world as a woman than as a man. There’s definitely a glass ceiling that still needs to be shattered....
Posted On 16 Mar 2017

Business Tips: 4 Ways To Grow Your Profits In 2017

While most of the focus in late 2016 was on the chaotic U.S. Presidential election, there was a tremendous amount of activity on the economic front as well. Job growth surged as the year came to a close, and the markets roared back to life as well.  This, along with the presence...
Posted On 15 Mar 2017

How To Invest A Tax Refund In Your Business

We are in the midst of tax season , and if you played your cards right throughout the year you may have a big refund coming your way. Rather than waste it on short-term fun, think about how you can invest back into your business for a long-term gain. If you don’t know how to use...
Posted On 13 Mar 2017

5 Productivity Tools that Make Our Office Run Faster

For  small businesses  with analytical leanings but limited resources, the trap is difficult to avoid. Signing up for services and tools that are built to make project management more efficient but actually make it less. Cumbersome processes comprising elaborate goal-setting, for...
Posted On 13 Mar 2017

6 Methods To Pay Off Business Debt Quickly

When you own your own business, you are constantly juggling things, including both your personal and business bills. It can be stressful having to keep track of essentially two separate sets of finances for yourself and your business. Sometimes this juggling act leads to business...
Posted On 13 Mar 2017

5 Great Apps For Tracking Business Expenses

Every single day, there are over three million business travelers hitting the road, trying to close the deal. Millions more are hosting clients over coffee and lunch, working to make a sale or add to their company’s bottom line. All of this travel and activity generates expenses,...
Posted On 09 Mar 2017

6 Reasons Why Starting An Online Business Is The Best Decision I Ever Made

Back when I started blogging in 2010, there still weren’t that many people running an online business from their laptop. Or, well, at least not like there is now. I’d go to networking events back in the day, tell people I ran an online business as a blogger and get the weirdest...
Posted On 09 Mar 2017

7 Business Realities You Need To Embrace To Avoid Extinction

We hear a lot about the changing business environment. Thanks to technology, business realities change on an almost daily basis. If you want to stay on top of the situation and ride the wave of the future, it’s time for you to embrace what’s coming. There’s a ton of opportunity...
Posted On 06 Mar 2017

7 Money Saving Tips For Small Business Owners To Keep More Profit

Money saving tips come in handy for small business owners that want to hold on to more profit. Most successful entrepreneurs and business owners are extremely efficient and goal-driven people. They know how and when to make those smart decisions that will boost to their bottom...
Posted On 03 Mar 2017