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Reuters websites become inaccessible in China

BEIJING (Reuters) – The news websites of Reuters, including those in English and Chinese, were inaccessible in China on Friday, after users first experienced difficulties accessing them late on Thursday. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

U.S. software executives urge action on fast-track trade bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Software industry executives urged lawmakers on Friday to pass legislation that would speed trade deals through Congress and include rules to ensure data can flow freely across borders. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Sharp says not considering LCD spin-off as banks seek overhaul

TOKYO (Reuters) – Loss-making Japanese electronics firm Sharp Corp said it’s not considering spinning off its liquid crystal display business as part of a bailout plan under discussion with lenders seeking restructuring moves in return for extending support. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

U.S. regulators give Amazon go-ahead for drone tests

SEATTLE (Reuters) – Inc has won approval from U.S. federal regulators to test a delivery drone outdoors, as the e-commerce company pursues its goal of sending packages to customers by air, even as it faces public concern about safety and privacy. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Confidential FTC report found Google anticompetitive tactics: WSJ

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Key staff members at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission were in favor of suing Google Inc for violating antitrust rules before the agency settled its investigation in 2013, according a confidential report cited by the Wall Street Journal on...
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

GoDaddy’s IPO to value web-hosting company at up to $2.87 billion

(Reuters) – Web-hosting company GoDaddy Inc’s initial public offering is expected to value the company at up to $2.87 billion, and comes at a time when there has been a steep fall in the number of companies going public in the United States. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Tesla to offer hands-free steering on Model S in three months

(Reuters) – Tesla Motors Inc will soon offer upgrades including hands-free steering on its Model S sedan, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Thursday, but the news did not help the electric carmaker’s volatile shares which fell more than 2 percent. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Canadians to be allowed to ‘pick and pay’ TV channels

GATINEAU, Quebec (Reuters) – Canadian television viewers will no longer be forced to pay for vast numbers of channels they do not watch, the country’s broadcast regulator said in a sweeping ruling on Thursday. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

U.S. court rules AT&T’s lawyers too late to appeal patent loss

NEW YORK (Reuters) – AT&T Inc was too late to appeal a $40 million loss in a patent infringement case because its lawyers did not read key rulings in time, a federal appeals court said on Thursday. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Telecom Italia proposes to trim power of majority slate in board vote

MILAN (Reuters) – Telecom Italia on Thursday proposed to change some of its bylaws that would reduce the appointment power of the majority slate in a board election. Source
Posted On 20 Mar 2015