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Quotes Of The Week: From Sugar Ray Robinson, Joan Didion And Others

On Confidence To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will Sugar Ray Robinson boxer On Decisiveness There s a point when you go with what you ve got Or you don t go Joan Didion author On Payback The Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

Check Out These 5 Top Tech Stocks Near Buy Points

With the Nasdaq composite trading at all time highs here s a look at five tech stocks that are near buy points Facebook FB Cavium CAVM Broadcom AVGO Workday WDAY and LogMeIn LOGM ibd display video id 2360634 width Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

Canadas Proposed Tax on Recreational Marijuana Looks to Be a Major Win for Pot Producers

Few industries are seeing green like legal weed According to a recently released report from Marijuana Business Daily titled Marijuana Business Factbook 2017 the U S legal cannabis industry is expected to grow by about 30 in 2017 45 the following year and an aggregate of Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

Make Less Than $98,400? The Government Might Pay for Your Health Insurance

Americans spend a staggeringly large percentage of their income on healthcare related expenses including health insurance Luckily if you meet certain requirements the federal government will pay for part or even all of your premiums Introducing the premium tax Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

Better Buy: Veeva Systems Inc vs., inc.

Twenty years ago there was no such things as software as a service SaaS If you wanted to run software on your computer you had to go out pay nosebleed prices for a CD and download the program onto your computer But with the advent of the internet and cloud connectivity that Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

Theres No Turnaround In Sight for Twitter

Twitter NYSE TWTR made some changes to its ad products at the beginning of the year that have gone on to negatively impact its revenue growth throughout 2017 By cutting its underperforming ad products Twitter was supposed to be able to focus on the performance of what Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

1 Significant Risk to This Apple Inc. Supplier

In 2014 Apple NASDAQ AAPL had Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company NYSE TSM 160 rather than longtime chip partner Samsung NASDAQOTH SSNLF 160 build its then new A8 processors that powered the hugely successful iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Although Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

Better Buffett Buy: Apple Inc. vs. IBM

Over the past few years Warren Buffett broke his tradition of avoiding tech stocks by adding shares of IBM NYSE IBM and Apple NASDAQ AAPL to Berkshire Hathaway s NYSE BRK A NYSE BRK B portfolio Buffett started buying IBM back in 2011 believing that then CEO Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

4 Ways to Make Your Retirement Savings Last

Saving enough money to pay for all the things you want to do in retirement is no small task Many retirees end up compromising on their retirement plans because there simply isn t enough money to do it all But if you can get the most out of every dollar you may be able to do more...
Posted On 17 Oct 2017

3 Ways to Prevent Social Security Garnishment

For most retirees Social Security benefits are a significant percentage of their monthly income so the threat of having that money garnished by a creditor is a pretty frightening one Fortunately you don t just have to stand by and let it happen there are steps you can take to Source
Posted On 17 Oct 2017