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Overlooked Tax Deductions

Years ago the fellow running the IRS told Kiplinger s Personal Finance magazine that he figured millions of taxpayers overpaid their taxes every year by overlooking just one of the money savers listed here We ve updated all the key details in this popular slide show to ensure...
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

Social Security Taxes Will Nick More of Your Earnings in 2017

ANSWER The maximum amount of earnings on which you pay Social Security taxes is rising from 118 500 in 2016 to 127 200 in 2017 This is the largest increase in recent years The limit was also 118 500 in 2015 and it was 117 000 in 2014 For historical context the Social Security tax...
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

Is Paul Ryans Medicare Privatization Proposal Good or Bad for Seniors?

Image source Getty Images America has spoken and with president elect Donald Trump less than two months away from taking office healthcare is the issue many voters would like to see him tackle first During his campaign Trump took a pretty aggressive approach to healthcare Source
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

What Does It Mean for Investors to Think Critically?

The rapidly rising field of behavioral finance has had an enormous impact on investing One thing it s taught investors is how important it is to slow down 160 and think critically when deciding whether to buy or sell a stock In this segment of Industry Focus Source
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

Over 40% of Americans Have This Major Retirement Disadvantage

It s no secret that many Americans struggle to save for retirement In fact an estimated 33 of Americans have no retirement savings whatsoever and that statistic includes older workers with limited time to catch up But while Americans have different reasons for why they can t...
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

Keep Up With Recordkeeping

Image source Getty Images If you shopped on Black Friday or Cyber Monday chances are you did what smart shoppers are supposed to do around the holidays You saved your receipt just in case When it comes to investing the equivalent to saving your receipt is keeping good records Source
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

5 Facts About Medicare Every Baby Boomer Should Know

By year end 2016 more than 56 million Americans are expected to be enrolled in Medicare That s an astounding figure and it makes this one of the country s most popular and important government programs Despite its gargantuan size millions more are projected to become dependent Source
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

What Is Your Social Security Retirement Age?

Image source Getty Images Your Social Security retirement age also referred to as your full or normal retirement age depends on the year you were born and can be anywhere from 66 to 67 years of age This is the age at which you can claim your full Social Security retirement Source
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

Your Guide to Tax Brackets in 2017

Image Source Getty Images The IRS has announced the 2017 federal tax brackets and as usual the income thresholds have increased slightly from the previous year Your bracket will depend on your income current marital status and whether you choose to file a joint or separate Source
Posted On 05 Dec 2016

4 Ways to Avoid Debt This Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is in full swing it s time to make your shopping list hit the sales and hope your finances don t take too much of a beating in the process The holidays can be a hard time financially if you re not prepared and because many of us don t manage to Source
Posted On 05 Dec 2016